Glossary of Terms

The following 'terms' that I have used, are not meant to be a Scientific description of how things are generally 'perceived' in our physical world, but the 'physical world' is the one that we live in and understand the most readily. 
My understandings are not the general opinion of any one particular Spiritual group either, so should you disagree with them, I accept full personal responsibility for them.

They are my own understandings and I have simply attempted to explain things in an easily understood and practical way. I wanted to do this because I needed to get my own head round these things in a way that made sense to me when I first started to become interested in them. I wanted to understand them in a down~to~earth way, without being blinded by Science, because in~depth, complex descriptions can leave us feeling confused or can be beyond our general understanding.
I wanted to bring the mystery of the non~physical world into our physical one, because this is where I live at this moment.

I appreciate that there are those things that we just have to accept ~ they simply are the way they are ~ like when someone is a talented Artist or Musician or has a flair for Writing a good story ~ even when there is no genetic or nurtured reason for it being that way. It seems that a persons ability cannot be explained other than to say 'It Simply Is the Way It Is'.......

So I'll start with some of the 'terms' that I'll be using from now on........


Scientists define Energy as the ability to do work, and 'work' is defined as the transfer of Energy.
Energy makes change possible.

Everything in the Universe is comprised of atoms ~ protons, neutrons and electrons ~ these minute particles are the building blocks of everything that we know, including us and atoms contain energy, both in the physical and material and non physical worlds. So everything is made up of energy. 

All atoms are in motion, which causes the energy within them to vibrate at different speeds, this gives them a vibrational rate and as everything is comprised of atoms, everything has it's own particular vibration. It is the degree of this vibrational rate that makes it do what it does and be what it is.

When we talk about personal Energy, we often describe it with a sense of being 'Full of Energy' or 'Raring to Go' and then sometimes when we feel depleted we describe ourselves as feeling 'Drained' or 'Lacking any Get up and Go'.
An easy way to picture the different levels of vibrational Energy rates, is to imagine them as though they were the sliding switches on the sound equipment in a recording studio. As the sliding switches are adjusted and lowered or raised, so to are the Energy levels increased or decreased. 

Here is an Energy Vibration Meditation which you can go to by clicking on the bold title link. It uses the imagery of the sliding switches to assist you in experiencing the different vibrational energy levels.


The dictionary tells us that the word 'Power' is the ability to do something with strength and vigour, control and influence. 
So I shall use the word 'Power' to mean using Energy in it's fortified and intense state.


The dictionary tells us that when things 'Resonate' with us, they Evoke or Suggest Images, Memories, and Emotions.


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