Getting Started

If you have not done any type of Meditation or Spiritual work before and are not too sure where to start, here are a few tips to get you going:

Preparation for Meditation

When you want to Meditate, first of all find a nice quiet time and place where you will not be interrupted, so it's a good idea to switch your phone off and do this when you know you have some free time to yourself.

Get comfortable, you want to feel relaxed and at ease. Sitting with your back supported on a comfy chair is fine. Or maybe a cushion on the floor.

Your arms and legs should be uncrossed, as the weight of one limb on top of another can restrict blood flow. 
Laying down is also good, but if you find that you fall asleep easily, this really defeats what you are trying to achieve.Your mind should relax whilst remaining in an alert state, when you fall asleep your mind goes into another state altogether.

You may wish to lightly wrap a light fleece or blanket around you, as your body temperature can drop a few degrees as you relax fully.

Gentle background music or a recording of natural sounds such as birdsong or ocean waves can be played softly in the background.

If you meditate in the evening, a soft gentle light such as candlelight gives a nice glow when you open yours eyes again after meditating. 

You may even wish to light an oil burner or some fragrant incense to add to the enjoyment of this special time for yourself.

Taking the time to prepare the space in which you meditate, is like 'Setting the Scene' as it allows you to become fully aware of what you are doing and enhances your experience of what you are about to undertake.

Getting Started

Relaxing the Body:
First you want ensure that your physical body is fully relaxed as we often tense ourselves without realising it.
But if you are not sure:

Start by screwing your face up ~ shut your eyes and mouth tightly ~ then release and relax your jaw.
Draw your shoulders up towards your ears ~ then release and drop them
Make a tight fist with your hands ~ then release and relax them
Squeeze the cheeks of your bottom together ~ then release and relax these as well
Curl your toes tightly as thought you were a bird gripping a branch ~ then release and relax them. 
Take a deep breath and release it slowly
Do the same again, but release the breath even slower than before
Focus on your breathing
Really feel the air passing through your nostrils on it's way in and on it's way out.
Continue breathing.......

Relaxing the Mind:
With each breath in, allow yourself to breathe in Calm and Peaceful Energy ~ If it helps, you can imagine that you are breathing in a fine cloud of your favourite calming colour.
With each breath out, allow yourself to release those thoughts of the day that are Stressful or Unwanted. Again you could imagine this as a fine cloud of a colour you find unattractive if it helps.
Continue for as long as you need to, by simply: 
Breathing in the Calmness
Breathing Out and Releasing the Unwanted

As your body relaxes further, you will find that your mind becomes calmer and quieter.

If any unwanted thoughts pop into your mind, then just like an unwanted phone call, you simply don't pick it up and it'll soon stop ringing. 

Ending Meditation 

As your meditation comes to an end, take the time to allow yourself to once again feel fully present within your body, the chair you are sitting in and the room or surroundings where you presently are. Take a deep breath and wiggle your toes and stretch your fingers to increase blood flow. Take another deep breath and gently open your eyes.
You may require a drink of water because energy work can make you feel thirsty and it helps to ground you if you feel a little light headed or 'spaced out'.    

This is can be a Meditation in it's own right, because it helps to Calm the Mind and Relax the Body, but it can also be used before starting other Meditations too.

Like all things, it becomes easier with practice, so do not be put off if you do not 'Get It' first time. It will improve with a bit of repetition. 
Once you are able to step into a Meditative State quite readily and easily, you may find that all you need to do, is check your body is relaxed and take a breath to quieten the mind as simply as that.  


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